Darren Ball

Consultant, Professional Development, and Teacher in Melbourne, Australia

Educator and coach.

I enjoy using mindfulness, education, and discipline of action to create lasting change for individuals and teams. Playfully and deliberately blurring the lines between Personal and Professional Development.

Currently based in Melbourne

My passion for training and development started in 1982 when I began studying traditional Japanese Martial Arts. Since then, I have expanded my own personal development interests, growing and developing my own insight and abilities as well as evolving my personal coaching model to aid others in doing the same. This 'method' of coaching is philosophical in nature and can, therefore, be used by anyone in any sector of their personal or professional lives.

My path has taken me in some broad directions, including work in the education, first aid, security, hospitality, training, combat sports, natural healthcare, fitness, nutrition, team management and leadership fields.

I travel around Australia, and sometimes abroad every year, to further my knowledge as well as bring my coaching methodology to industry leaders.

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"Teachers are the silent poets of society, moving mountains of fear and doubt. They encourage and coax the unknown to come out and shine. The power they give is beyond compare. A true jewel of any community."



  • Work
    • Align Coaching Director
  • Education
    • Deakin University
    • Victoria University
    • Monterey Peninsula College
    • Urakawa Shiatsu Institute
    • Fudoshin School of Martial Arts
His worth was evident from day 1. With the highest degree of integrity & respect, he worked with staff and students. He approached all tasks in a thoughtful, flexible and kind manner. Students warm to him instantly. He liaised with parents with the utmost degree of professionalism, showing compassion for concerns, whilst offering insight to challenges. His true gift is bringing out the best in people. He has touched the hearts and minds of our community.
Amelia Donnely. Teacher and mindfulness educator.
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